Singapore Permeant Residency 


Nimbus WorldWide is one of the top consultation firm in Singapore that specializes in Permanent Residency Application. We provide professional guidance and support for Permanent Residency Application in Singapore.


Singapore is often referred to as the Lion City, the Garden City and the Red Dot. In additional Singapore is a leading global city state in South East Asia. Despite the lack of natural resources, Singapore develops rapidly as an Asian Tiger economy, based on trade and its human resource. Now being Asia’s financial hub, Singapore is constantly looking out for talents to help sustain her growth.


We understand the difficulties of obtaining a Permanent Residency status in Singapore. The entire immigration process can be overwhelming. At Singapore PR Consultancy, we will assist you through the entire migration process. Our consultants are constantly updated and equipped with the latest migration laws. This would enable us to help any individual with their application process.


At Nimbus WorldWide we aim to offer our expertise and experience to our clients. We understand the rocky path of each individual and we aim to smooth out the process. We promise transparency and efficiency for our entire process despite any obstacles.


We work closely with our clients from the start of their PR application and beyond. Clients are always happy to refer us to their friends, as they are very satisfied with our work.


Besides providing professional advice and expertise, we are also confident in getting you your Permanent Residency status in Singapore, so that you can quickly settle down.


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